We're on a mission to make technical hiring more efficient.

About CodeSubmit

We built CodeSubmit to solve a problem we had ourselves: How do you assess developer and technical talent in a fair, meaningful, and efficient way? And how do you provide an excellent candidate experience in the process?

Our solution is simple. We facilitate assessment processes which allow candidates to shine. We empower candidates to use their own tools and workflows. We make it easy to for hiring teams to evaluate their submissions..

We enable great companies to find and hire great developers so that everyone can spend less time hiring, more time doing their best work.

We're on a mission to provide companies and developer talent with the best hiring experience possible. We believe that considerate, fair, and reciprocal assessment processes provide hiring teams with the best results. We strive to make the hiring process simple and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Tracy, Dom & the CodeSubmit Team

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CodeSubmit is brought to you by a globally distributed team headquartered in Munich, Germany.