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CodeSubmit: A CoderPad Alternative (2023)

Looking for CoderPad alternatives? Meet CodeSubmit:

If CoderPad isn't checking all of your boxes, then CodeSubmit might be the right fit for you. Our clients say:

“The whole assessment process and hiring experience are just so much better for our hiring managers and candidates."

“A great way to test candidates. Very hands-on approach, and it is quite easy to see how relevant it is towards the job.”

“A very cool approach for a hiring test!”

See how CodeSubmit and CoderPad stack up

CodeSubmit is an effective CoderPad alternative. We offer quite a few key features that CoderPad is lacking, including a real library of ready-to-go challenges (CoderPad currently offers one "example" and zero ready-made questions) and support for 50+ of the most popular programming languages, frameworks, and technologies (CoderPad only supports 35).

After working for years in software development and recruiting ourselves and having talked to hundreds of hiring managers, CTOs, and CEOs, we created a tool that solved our own problems when it came to technical interviewing. As mentioned already, CodeSubmit's library includes ready-made challenges designed in-house and covering over 50 languages and frameworks, more than any of our competitors, so that you can identify and test for the exact skills and competencies that matter to your team.

CodeSubmit was founded in 2019, and we work with small and big tech teams. Some of our clients include, Babbel, NHL, and KONUX.

We believe that take-home coding challenges are key for successful technical hiring processes.

That’s why we decided to solve that problem first: how to easily and effectively administer great take-home challenges that will actually strengthen your employer brand.

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How CodeSubmit is different:

Free trial


Huge library of real-world coding challenges (in over 50 languages and frameworks!)


Flexible monthly billing option


Plagiarism detection that respects candidate privacy


CodeSubmit vs. CoderPad features



Supports languages AND frameworks


CodeSubmit supports 50+ languages, frameworks, and technologies See the full list here


CoderPad supports 35 languages but does not support testing framework-specific skills at this time

Library of take-home coding assignments


200+ unique coding challenges to choose from


Pair-programming interviews


CodeSubmit CodePair


Screening tests


CodeSubmit Bytes


Candidates can use their own tools/workflows


CodeSubmit administers assignments through our private Git


Unlimited seats


All subscriptions include an unlimited number of seats


CodeSubmit offers the best way to identify top candidates with asynchronous and remote-friendly take-home coding challenges.

As a hiring manager or recruiting professional, you’re looking for the best developers who have the right skills and are also a great fit for your team.

CodeSubmit helps you achieve both.

Traditional whiteboarding challenges don’t work. You don’t get to see candidates’ real-world skills, and you will possibly end up overlooking top performers.

And even though there are many take-home challenge tools out there, few of them work as they should. (We know from experience - that’s why we built CodeSubmit.)

CodeSubmit lets you create coding assessments specific to each unique open role.

Get to the core of candidates’ skill sets

CodeSubmit assessments get to the core of your candidate’s skill set and are scored based on signal-generating criteria such as assignment completeness, code readability, code elegance, and documentation. Every assessment contains evaluation criteria related to the work your engineers face in their day-to-day.

Access assignments in over 50 languages and frameworks

The CodeSubmit library covers over 50 languages and frameworks. For each language and framework, we offer scoped assignments for junior, mid-level, and senior candidates. We’re confident that you’ll find something that suits your needs, and if you don’t, we’ll prioritize creating a new assignment that does.

CodeSubmit is the most flexible option for your coding challenges

CodeSubmit offers assessments that are fully customizable to your engineering team’s custom stack. And if you already have a coding assignment of your own, you can easily upload it to CodeSubmit and begin benefiting from our suite of awesome features.

Flexible pricing

We offer flexible monthly pricing for our Startup and Scaleup plans. They are a bit more expensive than the annual plans, but you can downgrade to the maintenance plan or cancel at any time (like once you’ve filled your open roles) and come back when you’re hiring again.

An unlimited number of seats

Have a bigger hiring team and need everyone to access CodeSubmit? No problem. All of our subscriptions include an unlimited number of seats so that you can bring your entire hiring team into CodeSubmit.

CodeSubmit offers the best candidate experience

A great candidate experience is key for attracting the best candidates to apply for positions at your company.

That’s why we work hard to create the experience developers love. CodeSubmit leaves a lasting positive impression for all candidates, whether they’re hired or not.

92% of all candidates who use CodeSubmit complete their assignments. 9/10 would recommend the platform.

We create these positive experiences by delivering a transparent, consistent, and respectful process to candidates.

“The feedback that we received from the candidates about their experience was overwhelmingly positive - specifically regarding the ease of the process, as well as the personal and engaging experience the process offered.” - Aimee, Babbel

“The task, on the whole, was excellent, clear instructions but with enough room for personal interpretation.” - J.M., former candidate

“I liked the fact that I had to use git and was able to use my preferred tools :-)” - S.R., former candidate

CodeSubmit offers support at every stage

CodeSubmit offers support at every step of the technical interview and assessment process.

If at any point you don’t find what you need, let us know. We are a small-but-might team that really loves to partner with our customers to help them hire successfully. Historically, we have been known to prioritize features requested by our awesome customers.

“The support from Tracy and Dom was incredible as well, with immediate feedback on questions and comments, as well the support for what we’re trying to achieve with the Neos program.” - Aimee, Babbel

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15 candidates/month

Unlimited team members


30 candidates/month

Unlimited team members


60 candidates/month

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Custom candidates/month

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5 candidates/month

1 team member


30 candidates/month

20 team members


100 candidates/month

50 team members

Starting at $1,500

Custom candidates/month

Unlimited team members

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CodeSubmit is a great CoderPad alternative. If you’re looking for take-home coding challenges that work, plus the support and flexibility you need to make it happen, then CodeSubmit is the right pre-employment technical assessment platform for you.

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