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The Best TestDome Alternatives (2023)

Looking for the best TestDome alternatives? Here are your top options:

Looking for the best TestDome alternatives for your technical hiring teams? We've gathered info about the top TestDome competitors and how they can help you identify and hire the right talent.

The 6 best TestDome alternatives

How does TestDome compare with other coding skill assessment platforms? See how it stacks up with the top 6 picks below:


TestDome is a skill assessment platform that offers skill tests for various industries. These include programming, accounting, sales, customer service, and more. TestDome isn’t a specialized tool and offers more general tests. Its programming offering only supports 10 languages.

Who is TestDome for?

TestDome is best for technical hiring teams that don’t require much from their coding assessment platform. The tool likely works better for screening than for skill assessment needs. If you're looking for a platform that can also cover assessments for non-technical candidates, then TestDome may work for you.


  • Flexible pricing (pay-as-you-go)


  • Less than ideal for highly technical teams
  • It only supports 10 programming languages


CodeSubmit is a “candidate first” skill assessment tool. We started in technical hiring and knew that existing tools were lacking. When we couldn’t find the perfect tool for our needs, we decided to create our own - and CodeSubmit was born. We offer a platform for take-home coding assignments and a screening option called CodeSubmit Bytes. All of our library assignments are designed with care in-house and mimic real-world programming tasks.

Who is CodeSubmit for?

CodeSubmit works for teams of all sizes. We offer the flexibility to assess just a few candidates or scale your efforts to hundreds of take-home tasks each month.


  • The most candidate-friendly option
  • Library of 50+ of the most popular languages, frameworks, and technologies used by backend, mobile, and frontend teams
  • Integrates with Slack and the most popular applicant tracking systems


  • We are a relatively young company, so some enterprise features are still on-the-way


Founded in 2012, HackerRank is among the biggest and most established technical hiring platforms. Hiring teams can choose among their online technical assessments, take-home challenges, and real-time coding sessions.

Who is HackerRank for?

HackerRank is an Enterprise solution, so it is a good choice for organizations with compliance needs.


  • Robust compliance-friendly platform
  • Different methods to interview and assess candidates


  • HackerRank isn’t specialized in one assessment type, and their assessments might be a bit too generic for many teams (okay for screening, though)
  • HackerRank is one of the oldest players in the space, and their assessments have the reputation of being widely disliked by candidates.
  • Unaffordable for small teams looking for flexibility (the lowest pricing option is currently $299/month, billed annually)


Codility is very similar to HackerRank and is one of the more established technical screening solutions (founded in 2009). Like HackerRank, Codility is a compliance-friendly assessment tool optimized for large enterprises and focuses on screening out massive amounts of under-qualified candidates.

Who is Codility for?

Codility works well for enterprise-level organizations with compliance needs, as well as less tech-savvy hiring teams.


  • The UI makes it easy to compare different candidates, making it ideal for non-technical hiring teams or HR teams looking for an early-stage screening tool.


  • Codility’s screening tests might not be sufficient for technical hiring teams that need a robust assessment tool to replace later-stage technical interviews (like whiteboarding).
  • No flexible pricing options for smaller teams.


Devskiller is a technical assessment tool with screening and interviewing capabilities. Their features include skill mapping, tech sourcing, and screening tools.

Who is Devskiller for?

Devskiller offers a lot of space for customization, so the platform works well for hiring teams that need to customize their features.


  • Endless customization options


  • Significant time investment is required before you can really maximize its usefulness. Not exactly a ready-to-go solution.


CodeSignal is a skill-testing platform offering products for screening, real-time interviewing, and proctored coding assignments.

Who is CodeSignal for?

CodeSignal works well for teams that need to scale their top-of-funnel hiring efforts.


  • The UI is sleek and makes it easy to set up tests and send interviews to candidates.


  • The plagiarism detection tools include video recording, which can intimidate candidates and provide false-negative hiring signals.

Imocha (formerly Interview Mocha)

Imocha, previously known as Interview Mocha, is a coding assessment tool that offers live interviewing and skill assessments. They offer a library of 2000+ skill tests.

Who is Interview Mocha for?

Small to medium-sized enterprises looking for access to a vast library of skill tests for all their teams.


  • A pretty extensive skill test library


  • Even with an epic library, they still only support approximately 20 programming languages.
  • Skill tests don't resemble the real workflows used in daily programming work.

CodeSubmit: A great TestDome alternative for your technical hiring processes

CodeSubmit is a TestDome alternative with powerful features that let you run technical hiring processes. We focus primarily on take-home coding assignments because we know from experience that they are the most effective way to identify great talent based on their skills. After multiple requests from happy customers, we offer a screening tool - CodeSubmit Bytes - which is helpful if you have too many applicants and you need to filter them quickly. Bytes still resemble real programming work, though, so you'll never find yourself sending candidates arbitrary brainteasers again.

With CodeSubmit, your team can replace later-stage, in-person technical interviews like whiteboarding. Our take-homes are designed to offer an unbeatable candidate experience with challenging but fun, real-world tasks. A great candidate experience helps you attract the best candidates and create a world-class employer brand. Never find a terrible Glassdoor review dissing your technical interview again.

Plus, our software is easy to use. Thanks to our features and integrations, inviting developers to work on an assignment and reviewing that assignment is a straightforward process.

Regardless of which subscription you choose, your team gets access to a library of assignments covering 50+ languages and frameworks. No other coding assignment platform offers as many languages and frameworks.

And if you're already using take-homes and are familiar with just how great they are, you can quickly upload your own assignments and use our platform to review your candidates.

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Free trial



Works for small teams



Works for enterprises



Flexible monthly billing option


Package pricing

Plagiarism detection


Yes - Proctored

Huge library of real-world coding challenges



CodeSubmit vs. TestDome features



Supports languages AND frameworks


CodeSubmit supports 50+ languages, frameworks, and technologies See the full list here


TestDome supports 10 languages but does not support framework-specific skills

Library of take-home coding assignments


200+ unique coding challenges to choose from


Pair-programming interviews


CodeSubmit CodePair


Provides screening tests


CodeSubmit Bytes


Candidates can use their own tools/workflows


CodeSubmit administers assignments through our private Git


Unlimited seats


All subscriptions include an unlimited number of seats


CodeSubmit makes it easy for you to hire the best developers

CodeSubmit offers industry-leading technical hiring features. Create an account, choose one of our assignments or upload your own, and send an invite to your candidates. Review their work based on their real-world skills and extend an offer to the best candidate.

All the features and integrations your team needs

CodeSubmit integrates with the most popular applicant tracking systems. We also include a lot of important features you don’t get elsewhere. For example, CodeSubmit supports 50+ languages and frameworks, more than any of the other tools out there. We also let candidates complete assignments in their own developer environment, making the task a truly simulated real-world assignment.

Provide a wonderful candidate experience

One of our core missions is to improve candidate experiences in the industry. For companies, this is crucial because building a reputation for providing a top-notch candidate experience means that you'll attract better talent, and your candidates leave satisfied with the process, irrespective of if you end up hiring them or not.

We do this by creating features we know candidates will love while ensuring that our software helps you identify the best developers.

For example, we offer secure plagiarism detection without violating candidate privacy. Even though candidates can complete assignments in their own coding environment, you can rest assured that their assignments are their own work.

On the other hand, TestDome uses web cameras for plagiarism detection, which is known to be intimidating for candidates. This can affect their performance negatively, and you might miss out on great candidates.

Your candidates' experience is essential. If candidates feel happy with their experience, they will recommend you to their peers!

CodeSubmit focuses on technical hiring

CodeSubmit is a tool that is specifically created for technical hiring processes. TestDome, on the other hand, focuses on various roles outside of tech.

That's fine, but when you try to please everyone, you often end up pleasing no one. Our founding team has decades of experience in technical hiring between them. We knew the industry needed a much more effective tool than the ones already available on the market, which is why we built CodeSubmit.

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Pricing - CodeSubmit as a TestDome alternative







15 candidates/month

Unlimited team members


30 candidates/month

Unlimited team members


60 candidates/month

Unlimited team members

Custom pricing

Custom candidates/month

Unlimited team members

TestDome - Pricing Packages





Extra Large

$20 per candidate

5 candidates

$400 total

$16 per candidate

25 candidates

$100 total

$10 per candidate

100 candidates

$1000 total

$8 per candidate

300 candidates

$2400 total

$7 per candidate

600 candidates

$4200 total

See our pricing here.

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