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The Best Coderbyte Alternatives (2023)

Discover the best Coderbyte competitors and how they compare. Learn all about the best coding assessment platforms and how they can help you hire better technical talent.

How Coderbyte stacks up to other top picks:

How does Coderbyte compare to other coding challenge platforms? There are several competitors to consider, and they all offer different features and functionalities. Below, you'll find the top seven Coderbyte alternatives for your hiring team:

About Coderbyte

Coderbyte is a technical interview platform offering specializing in early-stage code screening interviews. Their platform includes a library and feature set for code screening and takes clever approaches to cheat detection. Coderbyte candidates face challenges similar to those found on Codility or HackerRank, but with a better interface and more consideration toward their experience.

Who is Coderbyte for?

Coderbyte is designed for organizations comfortable operating a self-service tool to manage their early-stage code screening interviews.


  • Coderbyte offers screening and the possibility for uploading later stage "projects" so you can run an entire hiring process and store all your candidate data within a single platform.
  • Coderbyte is one of the more affordable platforms and offers unlimited admins (recruiters/hiring managers), assessments, and candidates via their two-tiered subscription plans.


  • Coderbyte does not offer SSO or direct API access.
  • Their project offering does not include a library, so you'll have to design and assess any take-home assessments yourself.
  • Your dev team's stack may not be supported, especially if they regularly work with a less popular language or framework.


CodeSubmit helps you design and manage your technical interview process. It is the simplest and most candidate-friendly technical assessment solution available today. We offer flexible subscriptions that work for teams of all sizes. CodeSubmit's specialty is take-home coding assignments, as we believe that these are the best method of technical assessment for both candidates and hiring teams. And in response to the growing need for a great screening tool, we also offer CodeSubmit Bytes: super short, real-world test-driven development problems that help teams identify talented coders in their large pool of applicants.

Who is CodeSubmit for?

CodeSubmit works for teams of all sizes. Whether you are a startup or small business with limited hiring needs or an enterprise with ongoing hiring year-round, CodeSubmit can support and streamline your technical hiring process.


  • All subscriptions include access to a library of over 250 unique challenges that are customizable to over 60+ of the most popular languages and frameworks.
  • Setup with your existing interview challenges takes under 60 seconds
  • Designed for your hiring team AND the candidates - a great experience is guaranteed for everyone
  • Flexible subscriptions with unlimited seats
  • Integrates with the most popular applicant tracking systems


  • We’re still a relatively young company (founded in 2019), so some enterprise-level features are still a work in progress. Fortunately, our feature set is already pretty great.


HackerRank is one of the biggest and oldest technical interview platforms. As a former YC company, they took an early crack at the technical assessment problem.

Who is HackerRank for?

HackerRank works for large corporations that need some of the industry’s most compliance-friendly tools. Their value is optimized when you have hundreds or thousands of candidates to screen each month.


  • Multiple different developer assessment options - live interviews, pair programming, and screening quizzes-al available at HackerRank.
  • Compliance-friendly system


  • Online reviews aren't great - the candidate experience, in particular, has a bad reputation.
  • The pricing is neither flexible nor affordable for smaller teams (it starts at $299/month, billed annually)


Founded in 2009, Codility is one of the older skill-testing platforms. This skill-testing platform is similar to HackerRank but at a lower price point.

Who is Codility for?

Codility is a good option for enterprise-level organizations that need robust compliance. This assessment tool also works well for less tech-savvy hiring managers.


  • Includes features that make it easy to compare programmers’ skills, so it’s ideal for non-technical hiring managers.
  • Offers advanced compliance features


  • For teams with true coding skill assessment needs, Codility’s screening tests might not be sufficient.


CodeSignal offers tests for developers who want to practice their skills, screening tools, real-time interviewing tools, and proctored coding assignment tests for hiring teams.

Who is CodeSignal for?

Developers who want to practice their skills and teams that need to scale their top-of-funnel hiring efforts quickly.


  • A good looking, user-friendly UI
  • Robust plagiarism detection


  • Some of their plagiarism detection features (e.g., video recording) are known to put off candidates and create unnecessary stress, which means your team may miss out on great talent.


Devskiller is a tool that lets you both screen and interview candidates. The platform includes a tech sourcing, skill mapping, and screening tool based on the company’s RealLifeTesting™ methodology.

Who is Devskiller for?

Teams that need to customize their features instead of relying on done-for-you tools.


  • Allows tech-savvy hiring recruiters custom-build their own features


  • Pricier for smaller teams, especially if those teams don’t need customizable solutions (monthly rates start at $399, billed annually)
  • The tool isn’t ideal for teams that need a simpler tool and/or aren’t tech-savvy.


TestDome is a skill assessment platform for different industries, such as programming, customer service, and accounting. Their skills tests are on the more general side and assess things like reasoning.

Who is TestDome for?

TestDome works best for teams that don’t have many requirements for their assessment tool and want to screen, rather than assess, their candidates' coding abilities.


  • Pricing is basically pay-as-you-go, a flexible option for teams that don’t want to sign up for a recurring subscription.


  • Not a niche solution, so if you need to hire technical talent, this might not be the best option for you.
  • Their library only includes assessments in 10 languages.

Imocha (previously Interview Mocha)

Imocha (previously Interview Mocha) offers an extensive library of ready-made skill tests (2000+) and enterprise-ready solutions. They also offer access to live interviewing and soft skill assessment features.

Who is Interview Mocha for?

Imocha is a good option for small businesses and enterprises that need an extensive library.


  • Enterprise-ready features
  • Extensive skill test library


  • Even with such a vast library, they still only support 20 coding languages.

CodeSubmit: The Coderbyte alternative that helps you identify the best developers

CodeSubmit is an industry-leading take-home coding assignment platform. We support your technical hiring team in identifying the best candidates for your team based on their real-world skills.

Like Coderbyte, we offer both a take-home coding challenge tool and a screening tool. Better than Coderbyte, we support 60+ languages and frameworks, and we offer an extensive library of ready-to-use take-home challenges. Our approach to technical interviewing allows candidates to use their own developer environment to complete the challenge while still providing first-class plagiarism detection.

CodeSubmit's focus on the candidate experience sets us apart from the competition. Providing an excellent candidate experience makes your hiring team's job easier, helping them build a great reputation and supporting a positive employer brand.

Plus, we offer all the integrations you need. Our software is easy to use and works for both big and small teams. Our flexible pricing puts us within reach of even the smallest teams. Let us help you build a world-class technical team.

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CodeSubmit vs. Coderbyte features



Supports languages AND frameworks


CodeSubmit supports 60+ languages, frameworks, and technologies.

See the full list here.


Coderbyte supports 17 languages as well as Django and WordPress

Library of take-home coding assignments


250+ unique coding challenges to choose from, with new challenges added regularly


Pair-programming interviews


CodeSubmit CodePair


Provides screening tests


CodeSubmit Bytes


Candidates can use their own tools/workflows


CodeSubmit administers assignments through our private Git


Unlimited seats


All subscriptions include an unlimited number of seats


CodeSubmit offers take-home challenges that help you identify the best developers

Looking for a technical hiring software that works seamlessly with your existing hiring processes and helps you identify the best candidates? CodeSubmit is the tool for you. We help you identify the best candidates for your team.

Access a library full of effective coding challenges

With any CodeSubmit subscription, you'll get access to a library full of coding assignments that make setup a breeze. Our platform makes it easy to communicate with the rest of the hiring team and to review candidates.

Create assignments in over 50 languages and frameworks

CodeSubmit supports 50+ languages and frameworks, more than any other take-home coding challenge platform. You can use challenges from our library or upload your own.

CodeSubmit offers an unbeatable candidate experience

Companies around the world are starting to wake up to the importance of providing a great candidate experience. CodeSubmit focuses heavily on providing a world-class candidate experience that leaves the candidate feeling satisfied with their work, even if you don’t end up hiring them.

We do this with our innovative features. Candidates complete CodeSubmit challenges using their own tools and workflows. We detect plagiarism, but in a way that doesn’t disrupt the candidate experience and doesn't favor one group over another.

92% of all candidates who are invited to CodeSubmit complete their assignments. 9/10 would recommend the platform to other hiring teams, citing a great experience.

“A great way to test candidates. Very hands-on approach and it is quite easy to see how relevant it is towards the job.” -F.A., former candidate

“A very cool approach for a hiring test!” - S.W., former candidate

CodeSubmit is the most flexible option available

We know technical hiring teams have different needs. That’s why we offer subscriptions with flexible monthly pricing. Whether you’re running a small team with occasional hiring processes, or a big team with ongoing recruitment needs, we have a subscription that fits.

Access an unlimited number of seats

All of our plans come with an unlimited number of seats. We're excited to welcome your whole team to our platform if that's how you do hiring!

Get support whenever you need it

We love to hear from our customers. Just send us a message with your wishes for new features or integrations. We built this for you, so let us know what you need.

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Pricing - CodeSubmit as a Coderbyte alternative







15 candidates/month

Unlimited team members


30 candidates/month

Unlimited team members


60 candidates/month

Unlimited team members

Custom pricing

Custom candidates/month

Unlimited team members

See our pricing here.

Coderbyte - Pricing Packages



$199 / month or $1,188 / year

Unlimited candidates, assessments, and admins

$499 / month or $2,988 / year

Everything from Pro, plus features like ATS integrations, custom branding, and live chat

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There you have it! Now you know which Coderbyte alternatives are out there. One of the best Coderbyte alternatives is CodeSubmit, especially if you're a smaller team and looking for subscription flexibility. Our product offers powerful assessment features that will remove the uncertainty and stress from your technical hiring process while always providing a great candidate experience.

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