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32 Tech Recruiting Software Tools to Scale Your Hiring [2023]

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What is the best tech recruiting software?

Today, you’ll get the top tools you need to successfully source, assess, and hire technical talent.

Want to learn more? Read on!

What software do technical recruiters use?

What are some effective tools for recruiting?

There are tons of tools out there… So how are you supposed to know which ones to choose?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best tech recruiting software in the industry. These tools have been selected thanks to being great options specifically for technical hiring processes.

Here are the best tech recruiting software for 2022.

The best talent sourcing tools for recruiters

One area where tech tools are incredibly important is talent sourcing. With sourcing tools, you can fill up your talent pipeline with the help of, for example, job boards and job aggregators.

They help you increase the visibility of your job postings across several job boards and portals and search for candidates with filters such as skills, location, and experience. You can collect profiles of candidates with resumes, contact information, and portfolios. Plus, 48% of all hires are direct applicants, so using job boards and aggregators is still key to sourcing candidates.

The top job boards and aggregators include:


Indeed, the job listing site, boldly claims to deliver 47% of all hires in the US, making it  a good place to start when you need to source candidates. You can set up screening questions to filter applicants and search Indeed’s resume database (73% of employers who source candidates from resume databases say they are extremely qualified).

Price: Sponsor jobs from $5/day


Out of Glassdoor’s 62 million monthly visitors, 65% search and/or apply for jobs, so Glassdoor is an important platform for any technical recruiter. While Glassdoor primarily offers salary and workplace insights (and is a must for employer branding), it also offers job listings.

Price: Custom quote for enhanced profiles


LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is a key platform for sourcing candidates. LinkedIn’s Job Search Tool lets you filter people based on location, skills, industry, and recommendations.

Pricing: Depends on budget


Twenty-five million job seekers visit ZipRecruiter every month, and the platform can be used to post job posts to many job boards at once. Its AI-driven matching technology can be used to source top talent, making ZipRecruiter a must-try job aggregator.

Price: Starting at $299/month

Applicant tracking systems (ATS)

Applicant tracking systems are key to successful hiring processes. They help you automate the process by managing job postings, candidate information, communication, and applications.

In other words, a good ATS is essential for streamlining your technical recruitment processes. And here are the top tools:


Greenhouse streamlines your recruitment process by automating tasks, managing data (you can track data and transfer it between your HR systems), and providing reports. You can also use Greenhouse to collaborate with your team members and source candidates from multiple channels. Plus, the tool offers a great candidate experience, which is incredibly important for a successful hiring process. This ATS works best for medium-sized organizations.

Price: Custom pricing


Lever is an enterprise-grade ATS with CRM capabilities, making it easy to track applicants and nurture them for your current and future hiring needs. This tool makes it possible for teams to source the right people, scale their applicant pipeline, and build long-lasting relationships. Due to its versatility, Lever comes with a learning curve, but it’s an excellent ATS once all set up.

Price: Custom pricing

Freshteams by Freshworks

Freshteams offers an all-in-one ATS tool for businesses of all sizes and especially growing businesses. It’s a cost-effective tool with a solid HR tool stack. However, Freshteams doesn’t necessarily offer a lot of flexibility as it’s hard to customize and doesn’t support unlimited job postings.

Price: Starting at $1.20/employee plus a $71/month platform fee


Workable is one of the best ATS tools for technology businesses. Workable makes it easy to post jobs on job boards, as well as their website, and manage the entire hiring process. Some of its multiple features include reports, job description templates, interview kits, a referral portal, automation, and an advanced careers page builder. You can also add video interviews and assessments to your package.

Price: Starting at $129

Recruitment CRM software

A Candidate Relationship Management tool can help you build and nurture relationships with applicants and keep them engaged with your employer brand. This applies both to your current hiring needs, as well as nurturing relationships with candidates you may be interested in hiring in the future.

A CRM makes it possible to manage candidates’ journeys from their application all the way to their first day whether it's email nurturing, signing job offers, and so on.

CRMs and other communications tools are a must; 81% of candidates say that they look for continuous communication in hiring processes, while 52% say that their biggest frustration is a lack of response from employers.

Note that Lever, the ATS tool, has CRM features so you could use it as an all-in-one tool.

What are some other great CRM tools? Here you go:


Beamery is a CRM that helps you run your talent sourcing on one platform. The tool helps you assess how well a candidate will do in the short and long term to make data-driven hiring decisions.

With Beamery, you can source candidates from web pages, social media, and existing sourcing lists and also segment and prioritize pipelines for open and future roles. Beamery also works great if you need to collaborate with team members, share candidate information, and create notes, tasks, and follow-ups.

Price: Custom pricing


SmashFly is an AI-powered CRM with features that also help you manage events, referrals, and analytics solutions. It can conduct automated candidate sourcing and source candidates based on requirements you set for your talent database. The tool then segments those candidates into talent pipelines. What’s more, you can build automated nurture campaigns based on candidate behavior triggers.

Price: Custom pricing


Talemetry is a CRM for enterprise companies. It offers a tool that’s a marketing and recruitment hybrid for building and automating candidate experiences. Talemetry offers chatbots, intelligent job matching, text messaging, and predictive job recommendations.

Price: Custom pricing


Yello is a CRM for high-volume hiring processes that can help you engage, screen, and advance candidates at scale. Yello comes with external job sourcing features that allow you to automatically search job boards and import candidates. And with an integrated ATS mining feature, you can localize your searches so that you find candidates that fit. Thanks to its LinkedIn integration, you can find talent on a high-volume scale.You can also screen candidates automatically based on their qualifications and track them so that you understand how successful your recruiting efforts are.

Price: Custom pricing

Technical screening and assessment software

What are the best screening and assessment software tools for technical hiring processes? Assessment software is essential for identifying the right candidates. It helps you test and evaluate your candidates’ skills and ensure that you hire based on real world skills and not based solely on resumes.

Hiring just one developer can cost between $28,548 to $35,685, so technical screening and assessment software can really help your team improve both acquisition and retention.

Here are the best tools:


CodeSubmit is a technical assessment software that supports live coding interviews and take-home assessments. With CodePlay, our evaluation and review tool, your team is able to drastically shorten your assessment review time and run candidates’ submissions directly from your browser.

CodeSubmit supports 70+ languages and frameworks (more than most other assessment tools) and offers a library of real-world tasks paired with an excellent candidate experience. We’re proud to be a full-service tool that can accomodate any technical hiring process, including the most creative, engaging, and ambitious assessment concepts.

Plus, because CodeSubmit integrates with tools like Slack, Zapier, Lever, and Greenhouse, you can build a full hiring funnel with ATS, CRM, communication, and other automated capabilities.

Price: Starting at $199/month


HackerRank is a technical interview platform with skill development features. You can use the platform’s technical screening tests, proctored “developer skills”  sessions, and ranking features to identify qualified candidates. The platform is especially beneficial for corporations and multinationals that need a compliance-friendly system.

Price: Starting at $25/month


DevSkiller is a tech sourcing, skill mapping, and screening tool that builds on the company’s RealLifeTesting™ methodology. You can use the platform to screen candidates automatically, helping you make quick hiring decisions. DevSkiller works well for enterprise teams that  need custom features and have a requirement for benchmarking candidates. You’ll need to speak to their sales team to start a trial, so smaller teams should keep that in mind.

Price: Starting at $499/month


HackerEarth is a tool for both candidates and employers; it was originally created as a platform for corporate hackathons. Today, HackerEarth includes code screening and pair programming interview functions and is a good fit for employers that want to filter candidates early on in the process. Like DevSkiller, you’ll have to speak to sales to trial the software.

Price: Starting at $199/month

Coding interview software

Similar to technical screening tools, coding interview tools help you identify the right candidates in a more synchronous, real-time way. These interviews help you test candidates’ technical skills in an interview setting. Typically, you’ll test skills with “remote whiteboarding” or pair programming software.

Here are the top coding interview tools for your technical interviews:


CodeSubmit supports live coding interviews with CodePair Live Coding. CodePair is a cloud-based, collaborative code editor for pair programming sessions with your candidates. With CodePair, it’s easy to set up a powerful shared coding environment and work through the interview collaboratively with your candidates.

Unlike most coding interview software, CodePair supports both single- and multi-file projects. You can import existing projects and collaborate on an entire codebase, run applications in a Linux environment, and leverage built-in add-ons (databases, Docker containers, etc.) to design truly unique, engaging, and insightful interview experiences.

CodeSubmit’s CodePair currently supports 24 languages right out of the box with more being added all the time. Try it out, and you’ll quickly see why it’s loved by leading tech companies.

Price: Starting at $199/month


Filtered is a hiring platform for emerging technology with video interview tools, a hiring workspace, and code challenges, as well as ATS integrations and reporting tools. As a live coding platform, it offers plagiarism detection and candidate authentication features, as well as recordings of candidates solving coding challenges. Today, Filtered is focused on serving large enterprises only, so SMBs should look elsewhere for a coding interview solution.

Price: Custom pricing


CodeBunk offers a real-time editor, question banks, a central repository and live chat and live video functionalities. This tool works well for employers that are looking for simple code sharing without needing plenty of other features.

Price: Starting at $9/month


HireVue is a coding interview platform with video interviewing and interview scheduling functions for companies that mainly want to focus on video interviews. It is a tool for larger companies and enterprises; the smallest package is tailored for 2,500-2,700 candidates, and you’ll have to talk to sales to start a trial.

Price: Starting at $35,000

Background check software

Background checks are an important tool for hiring processes; they weed out bad hires. Interviews and assessments will only get you so far, but unless you do your due diligence, you can’t be sure who it is you actually extend an offer to.

Background checks include identity verification to confirm that the candidate is allowed to work in the country, as well as an education check to verify the candidate’s educational background. In some countries, like the United States, background checks can also investigate candidates’ criminal history and employment history.

So what are the best background check tools? Here you go!


Veremark is a platform that helps you verify your candidates’ credentials based on your industry and the role you’re hiring for. You don’t need to sign up for a subscription, but instead, you can pay as you go. Veremark offers a wide range of online background checks, such as identity, bankruptcy, credit, and civil background.

You can use the Veremark API to create a seamless experience, share reports, and inspect real-time updates. Based on findings, the platform will let you know if your criteria have been met. This software works well for all types of companies; high-growth startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprise businesses.

Price: Custom pricing


Sterling is a background verification tool that checks employment history, education, identity, and professional references. This platform offers a hybrid approach with technology and consulting services. Sterling is a great option for businesses of all sizes including small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses.

Price: Custom pricing


Global HR Research (GHRR) offers customized screening solutions with plenty of different screening options, such as general screening, drug and health, biometrics and identity, and monitoring screening, as well as onboarding services.

GHRR focuses on tailoring its software so that it works for your specific industry, including highly regulated industries.

Price: Custom pricing


Xref offers automated online reference checking. After feeding requirements to the platform, you get results within 24 hours. The platform offers background checks including financial, education, predictive psychometric checks, and more.

Identity verification is performed in real-time with advanced technology. Xref also integrates with tools like LinkedIn Talent Hub, Avature, and more.

Price: Custom pricing

Onboarding and HR management software

Once you’ve extended an offer to a candidate and they’ve accepted, it’s time to start onboarding your new hire. A strong onboarding process is incredibly important. According to SHRM, a successful onboarding process alone can ensure that 69% of workers stay on for three years.

But what are the top onboarding and HR management tools? Let’s take a look:


intelliHR is a people management and automation platform. It focuses on improving core HR processes, performance management, and people data analytics. One of its main features is its streamlined onboarding that takes employees through introduction, probation, and compliance and policy acceptance.

What’s more, the platform is easy to customize for specific needs and it is easy to integrate with your ATS. You can also use analytics features like goals, feedback, and check-ins.

Price: Starting at $3.6/employee per month


Leapsome is an employee onboarding tool that optimizes for learning, engagement, and performance. It allows you to create content that is easy to sequence and customize and set up quizzes that help you understand how you can improve your onboarding processes. Leapsome also integrates with your HRIS systems, SSO, and other workflow tools.

Price: Custom pricing


ClearCompany makes it easy to make onboarding paperless thanks to automated online delivery, tracking, collection, and storage of your onboarding forms and documents. With smart forms, you can reduce errors by pre-filling previously entered information and validating data. ClearCompany integrates with tools for assessments, background checks, calendars, SSO and payroll and benefits.

Price: Custom pricing


BambooHR is an end-to-end platform with onboarding functionalities. This tool can also be used for streamlining all your human resource processes, including data analytics, ATS, compensation, and culture management.

The onboarding features will help you simplify the process with electronic signature, customizable pre-boarding packages and checklists, as well as time tracking and performance management as add-ons.

Price: Custom pricing

Collaboration software

How do you collaborate with your hiring team? That’s where collaboration tools can be really helpful. In fact, collaboration tools can increase productivity by 30% so choosing the right tools for your team can make a big difference.

And here are our top collaboration tools:


Slack has one big advantage: your team might already be using it. While it can be tedious to introduce new tools, especially for something as fundamental as communication, using an existing tool works well. Plus, Slack has the advantage of being a great supplement to endless email conversations.

Price: From $6.25/employee per month


Asana replaces to-do lists with clear, collaborative boards. This tool makes it possible to centralize projects, track progress, and define responsibilities, to name just a few functionalities. You can also set up priority levels and communicate within the tool itself.

Price: Starting at $10.99/employee per month


For easy and reliable video communication, Zoom is a safe choice. Video conferencing becomes increasingly important with remote and hybrid work,so a video tool is essential. Zoom is simple to set up and offers features like screen sharing and chat.

Price: Starting at $149.90/employee per year is one of the leading HR collaboration tools with a simple UI. has its own HR functionalities that track your talent pipeline and engage employees. You also get tools for onboarding and talent development. Plus, you can easily communicate with your team and the wider organization to bring all your HR processes together.

Price: Starting at $8/employee per month

Over to you!

There you have it! Now you know what tech recruiting software will help you find, assess, and hire the best candidates.

A successful hiring process is key for sourcing, attracting, and identifying the right candidates. And these tools are a great way to create streamlined and effective systems.

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