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The 11 Best Laravel Interview Questions in 2023

Are you hiring your next Laravel developer? Here are some of the best Laravel interview questions to ask at your next interview – and identify top candidates. Read on! 

Interviewing Laravel developers 

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that was created for the development of web applications with the model-view-controller architectural pattern. Laraval is based on Symfony

The framework focuses on making common tasks used in big web projects easier, including routine, sessions, caching, and authentication. 

But what are some top Laravel interview questions? Here you go. 

Beginner Laravel interview questions

What are the top Laravel interview questions for junior developers? Here’s a selection of the best questions to ask beginner developers: 

1. List the benefits of Laravel.


The benefits of Laravel include: 

  • Simple to configure

  • Supports the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture

  • Free to use 

  • High performance

  • Easy routing 

  • Database operations feature called Eloquent ORM 

  • Templating engine called Blade 

  • Inbuilt facility to support unit tests 

  • High community support 

2. List the disadvantages of Laravel.


The main disadvantages of Laravel are that it’s challenging to migrate legacy systems, it comes with heavy documentation which can be difficult to understand for beginners, and upgrades aren’t smooth. 

3. Explain what Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture is. 


Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture consists of three components - Model, View, and Controller. It’s a design pattern that is used to develop and speed up the development of web applications. 

Model manages data and is a central part of the MVC architecture. View displays data to users and Controller handles user requests. 

4. What are some official packages provided by Laravel? 


Packages in Laravel are: 

  • Cashier offers a fluid interface to Stripe and Braintree and controls almost all boilerplate subscription billing codes. This package also manages subscription quantities, coupons, subscription swapping, cancellations, and more. 

  • Envoy offers a clean and simple syntax for defining frequent tasks that are executed on remote servers. This package also makes it possible to arrange tasks for deployment and more using syntax in the Blade style. 

  • Scout enables full-text search and automatically maintains search indexes in sync with records thanks to model observers. 

  • Passport makes API authentication simple and offers instant Oauth2 server implementation for applications. 

  • Socialite offers an expressive and fluid interface for OAuth authentication with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. 

Advanced Laravel interview questions

What are the best Laravel interview questions for advanced developers? Here are the top questions to ask senior developers: 

5. Explain the purpose of the Artisan command-line tool for Laravel. 


Artisan can use the “make” command to assist in creating files. Some useful commands include: 

  • php artisan make:controller - Controller file

  • php artisan make:model - Model file

  • php artisan make:migration - Migration file

  • php artisan make:command - New artisan command

  • php artisan make:seeder - Seeder file

  • php artisan make:factory - Factory file

  • php artisan make:policy - Policy file

6. Explain Traits in Laravel. 


PHP Traits is a group of methods that can be included in another class. A Trait can’t instantiate itself like an abstract class. They’re generated to reduce the limitations of single inheritance in PHP and they allow developers to reuse sets of methods in independent classes in different class hierarchies. 

7. What is Eloquent in Laravel? 


Eloquent is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping), which is a programming technique for converting data between a relational database and object-oriented programming. It provides simple Active record implementation and each database has its Model that interacts with the table. There are different types of relationships, which include: 

  • Many to One

  • One to One

  • One to Many

  • Many to Many

  • Has one through 

  • Has many through

8. How do database migrations work in Laravel? 


Migrations work as version control for the database. Migration makes it easy to modify the database schema. 

The Artisan command for creating migration schema is php artisan make:migration create_employeess_table. New migrations are stored in a database/migrations directory and each migration contains the name and timestamp so that Laravel can order migrations. 

Table and create options can be used to indicate the name of the table and if the migration is used to create a new table. They pre-fill the migration stub file with the specified table: 

php artisan make:migration create_employees_table --create=employees

php artisan make:migration add_departments_to_employee_table --table=employees

9. Explain how skip() and take() are used in Laravel Query.


Skip() and take() limit the number of results in a query. 

Skip() is used to skip over several results before continuing with the query. So if you want five results instead of ten, you’ll use skip(5). 

And take() is used to specify how many results you want from the query. 

10. Explain how dd() is used in Laravel. 


The helper function dd(), which stands for dump and die, is used to dump a variable’s contents to the browser and stop the further script execution. 

11. Explain how the Eloquent cursor() method is used in Laravel. 


The cursor method is used to iterate through the database with a cursor that only executes a single query. This method aims to reduce memory usage while processing large amounts of data. 

Over to you!

There you have it! Now you know what the top Laravel interview questions are. 

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