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CodePair Programming Interviews using C on CodeSubmit

Looking for the best way to conduct a live coding interview in C? CodeSubmit provides the most candidate-friendly pair programming environment on the market today. Empower your candidates to demonstrate both their thought process and their C programming skills in a realistic setting. Discover your candidates' real core competencies, and identify the best developer for your open role!

CodePair Programming Interviews using C on CodeSubmit

Conduct Effective C Pair Programming Interviews

Evaluate C coding skills

Creating, conducting, and evaluating C pair programming interviews with CodeSubmit is easy and efficient. Save time with templates, keep your notes in one place, and quickly and accurately identify qualified candidates.

Our CodePair environment is ultra-flexible to accommodate even the most creative and complex pair-programming challenges. The limit is your imagination! Test for C coding skills using real-world tasks, and hire your next developer with confidence.

Provide a great candidate experience

CodePair is a robust and easy-to-use shared coding environment that empowers your hiring managers to work through coding problems with their candidates.

We designed our pair programming environment to put candidates at ease and allow them to shine while also providing a superior evaluation experience for hiring managers. CodePair features include Dolby™ Video & Audio calls, beautiful custom branding, custom files & databases, and powerful add-ons.

How it works

It's easy to get started! Simply create an account, set up your first CodePair template, and begin inviting candidates. Our integrations make it easy to keep track of candidates and hire the best one for your open role. Try it out for yourself!

Conduct Effective C Pair Programming Interviews

I like how the library challenges are structured around on-the-job skills. The experience for candidates is excellent. They work locally with the IDE and tools they are most comfortable with.

Kevin Sahin
Kevin Sahin
Co-Founder @ ScrapingBee
Kevin Sahin

Pair programming, reimagined.

CodePair™ Live Coding

CodePair makes it easy to set up a powerful shared coding environment and work through coding problems with your candidates. Your technical interviews have never been more effective.

24+ supported languages:
CodePair includes 24 supported languages out of the box. From zero to 'Hello, World!' in 5 seconds.
Import entire projects:
Import existing projects or completed take-home challenges -- ideal for follow-up interviews.
A realistic coding environment:
Run entire applications inside a persistent Linux environment. Terminal, file-system, and Docker support.
CodePair Live Coding