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Get an accurate measure of every candidate’s coding and problem-solving skills, whilst providing them with a fair and positive coding experience.

CodeSubmit - The #1 Take-home Coding Challenge Platform
CodeSubmit Library

A library of real-world coding tasks

Choose from hundreds of coding challenges, from junior to senior architect, covering all major programming languages and frameworks -- or simply upload your own.

Customize any challenge to meet your specific stack and requirements.

(Junior) Frontend Developer
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Example of a take-home coding challenge on CodeSubmit

I like how the library challenges are structured around on-the-job skills. The experience for candidates is excellent. They work locally with the IDE and tools they are most comfortable with.

Kevin Sahin
Kevin Sahin
Co-Founder @ ScrapingBee
Kevin Sahin
Innovative Git Workflow

Realistic candidate experience

On CodeSubmit, candiates use GIT to clone their assignment, work on it locally, and push their changes back to the platform. This means they can use their own tools and IDE configuration, work on their own machines, and in their own time.

git clone
A Complete Solution

Feature packed

CodeSubmit comes feature-packed with everything you need to run a successful interview process.

Run your candidate's submission right from your browser. No more downloading and running code locally.
Open-ended questions
Add open-ended questions alongside your coding challenges, with text, audio, video and screen-share responses.
Screen-share recording
Candidates walk you through their code using our innovative screen-share recording feature.
CodePair Follow-up
`Create CodePairâ„¢ sessions from your candidate's take-home submission, and continue the interview process with a pair-programming session.`,
Connect your ATS
Integrate with Greenhouse, Lever and Zapier, to track and manage all your candidates in one place.
Custom branding
Make your candidates feel at home with a fully branded experience.