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CodeSubmit Coding assignments

A Developer-First Culture Starts With Your Hiring Process.

The most efficient and developer-friendly forms of skill set evaluation is the take-home assignment.

It's a work sample where candidates are asked to complete a task that is intended to showcase their practical skills and thought process. The CodeSubmit process is specifically designed for hiring teams utilizing this form of developer assessment.

  • Canidates showcase their practical skills, work at their own pace, and use their own development environment
  • Optional time-limits and due dates
  • Review and run submissions in your browser
  • Library of assignments to help you get started
  • ...or upload your existing challenges and save hours of engineering time
  • Fits your brand with beautiful custom branding
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Integrates with your ATS
  • Transparent candidate assessment journey for your entire team

For all your technical roles

50+ Supported Languages & Frameworks

Send your candidates a real engineering task to complete at their own pace. CodeSubmit provides a library of real-world tasks, natural candidate experience, and insightful reports.

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Upload your own assignments and improve your existing process with whole team collaboration, tools that make reviewing a breeze, a transparent and consistent candidate experience, and lots of other great features.

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To help you get started, CodeSubmit offers a library of carefully crafted assignments covering 50+ languages and frameworks. Create your first customized assignment in under 60 seconds.

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Whether you’re already using take-homes as part of your hiring process or you’re just getting started: CodeSubmit has you covered.

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CodeSubmit is built by engineers for engineers. No more brainteasers or whiteboard sessions. Give your candidates the opportunity to shine with the tools they are most comfortable with.

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Cillié Burger, Chief Technology Officer @ TeleClinic
Cillié Burger, Chief Technology Officer @ TeleClinic

"We've seen amazing results after using CodeSubmit for the last 9 months. The whole assessment process and hiring experience is just so much better for our hiring managers and candidates. "

Virginie Raucoules, People and Culture Manager @ KONUX
Virginie Raucoules, People and Culture Manager @ KONUX

"The communication between hiring managers, recruiters and candidates has been incredibly improved since we started using CodeSubmit. There is no 'back and forth' anymore and the technical assessment is running smoothly!"


CodeSubmit offers fair and transparent pricing at every stage of your company. Join hundreds of companies assessing developer talent through CodeSubmit.

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