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Ember Coding Assignments on CodeSubmit

Want to hire Ember developers? Use Ember coding assignments to assess top Javascript talent. CodeSubmit offers a library of real-world Ember.js coding tests, along with 50+ other languages and frameworks. Create a great candidate experience that attracts top talent, and hire developers who are ready to hit the ground running from day one.

Ember Coding Assignments on CodeSubmit

Identify Top Ember Candidates

Find the perfect Ember dev for your growing team

If your frontend team is using Ember on a regular basis, then it might be important that new hires are already familiar with the framework. Javascript tests on their own might be great (and we have those too!), but if you're looking to hire developers who already love building in Ember, then CodeSubmit's Ember assessments are perfect for you.

Provide a great interview experience

Use our strategically designed Ember coding assignments to provide a great candidate experience. Say goodbye to hated whiteboarding or live-programming interviews. Attract top talent in your industry and build your employer brand with coding challenges.  Whether you’ve already used take-home assignments or not, Codesubmit makes the interview experience enjoyable and simple for everyone.

How it works

CodeSubmit works for companies of all sizes, and setting up a coding challenge takes less than 60 seconds. Create an account, choose a challenge from our library or upload your own, and start inviting candidates. Track the entire process in one tool, assess candidates based on their skills, and make data-informed hiring decisions. 

Identify Top Ember Candidates

No braindead code challenges just real-world tasks for real-world engineers. That's why we at Finn love CodeSubmit.

Andreas Stryz
Andreas Stryz
Andreas Stryz

Real tasks, not brainteasers.

Take-home Challenges

Our library of real-world tasks gives you an accurate measure of every candidate’s coding skills, whilst providing them with a fair and considerate interview experience.

Real engineering tasks:
With coding challenges that simulate real work, CodeSubmit is helping the best engineering teams hire faster, smarter, and more equitably.
Extensive Library:
Choose from hundreds of coding challenges, from junior to senior architect, covering all major programming languages and frameworks -- or upload your own.
Natural candidate experience:
Our innovative GIT-based workflow allows candidates to work on their own machines, with their own tools, and in their own time.
Comprehensive CodeSubmit Library