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Kotlin Coding Assignments on CodeSubmit

Looking to hire Kotlin developers? Use CodeSubmit’s Kotlin coding challenges to identify the best Kotlin developers for your team. We provide a library of real-world Kotlin coding tests that get to the core of your candidates' competencies. Improve your recruiting processes, take the guesswork out of your next hire, and build a world-class technical team.

Kotlin Coding Assignments on CodeSubmit

Identify Top Kotlin Candidates

Choose the right Kotlin developers

CodeSubmit makes it easy to create, track, and review Kotlin take-home coding challenges. If you're building an app in Kotlin, what better way to assess your future teammate's technical skill than with a quick Kotlin project? Accurately identify qualified candidates, and hire with confidence.

Provide a great candidate experience

Asynchronous take-home projects are less stressful and more enjoyable for candidates than any other type of technical assessment. Whiteboarding and pair-programming help you identify candidates based on their interview skills, not their coding talent. Allow your Kotlin candidates to build a small project and demonstrate what they can do in a purely meritocratic way.

How it works

Sign up, choose a Kotlin take-home coding assignment from our library or upload your own, and start inviting candidates. Our suite of review features makes it easy to identify top talent based on their real-world skills. Rest easy knowing that your next Kotlin hire is the right one.

1+ Kotlin frameworks available on CodeSubmit

The communication between hiring managers, recruiters and candidates has been incredibly improved since we started using CodeSubmit. There is no 'back and forth' anymore and the technical assessment is running smoothly!

Virginie Raucoules
Virginie Raucoules
P&C Manager @ KONUX
Virginie Raucoules

Real tasks, not brainteasers.

Take-home Challenges

Our library of real-world tasks gives you an accurate measure of every candidate’s coding skills, whilst providing them with a fair and considerate interview experience.

Real engineering tasks:
With coding challenges that simulate real work, CodeSubmit is helping the best engineering teams hire faster, smarter, and more equitably.
Extensive Library:
Choose from hundreds of coding challenges, from junior to senior architect, covering all major programming languages and frameworks -- or upload your own.
Natural candidate experience:
Our innovative GIT-based workflow allows candidates to work on their own machines, with their own tools, and in their own time.
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