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Play Coding Assignments on CodeSubmit

Looking to hire Java or Scala developers with experience building with Play? CodeSubmit offers a library of Play coding assignments to assess your candidates’ real-world skills. Create a great candidate experience and attract top talent with a challenging Play take-home test!

Play Coding Assignments on CodeSubmit

Identify Top Play Candidates

Assess real Play coding skills

If your dev team builds in Play, then your technical interview should be too. Assess your candidates' Java or Scala skills while discovering how they design and implement a short project using the Play framework. Our assignments are designed to get as close to real work as possible, while still being respectful of candidate time.

Attract the best Play developers

Use Play coding assignments to create great candidate experiences. Whiteboarding interviews are universally disliked, and they won't give you insight into a candidate's proficiency in a framework like Play. CodeSubmit take-homes are short and designed to provide real insight into a candidate's skill. Improve your glassdoor interviews and make great hiring decisions at the same time.

How it works

It's super easy to get started with CodeSubmit. Simply create an account, set up a coding challenge in under 60 seconds by choosing an assignment from our library or uploading your own, and start inviting candidates. Your hiring team will be able to track the entire process, identify top performers, and make better hiring decisions.

Identify Top Play Candidates

I like how the library challenges are structured around on-the-job skills. The experience for candidates is excellent. They work locally with the IDE and tools they are most comfortable with.

Kevin Sahin
Kevin Sahin
Co-Founder @ ScrapingBee
Kevin Sahin

Real tasks, not brainteasers.

Take-home Challenges

Our library of real-world tasks gives you an accurate measure of every candidate’s coding skills, whilst providing them with a fair and considerate interview experience.

Real engineering tasks:
With coding challenges that simulate real work, CodeSubmit is helping the best engineering teams hire faster, smarter, and more equitably.
Extensive Library:
Choose from hundreds of coding challenges, from junior to senior architect, covering all major programming languages and frameworks -- or upload your own.
Natural candidate experience:
Our innovative GIT-based workflow allows candidates to work on their own machines, with their own tools, and in their own time.
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