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How to Test Web Developers on CodeSubmit

Need to test web developers? Web developers are some of the most demanding positions to fill, so you need a way to assess your candidates. CodeSubmit offers a web developer assessment platform that works seamlessly with your existing hiring processes.

With our platform, you can test a range of technical skills, including JavaScript, WordPress, and SQL. We support 60+ languages and frameworks and you can use our take-home challenges, screenings, or pair programming to test developers.

Other languages and frameworks that we support include:

How to Test Web Developers on CodeSubmit

What to look for in a web developer

What skills should your web developer have? Some of the most important technical skills include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, responsive design skills, and back-end basics (servers, APIs, SQL, databases, and cybersecurity). Plus, Bootstrap, JQuery, Git, and Github are a few similar skills web developers should master.

You can test these and other skills with a web developer test on CodeSubmit. Here are some of the skills you can test for:

Sound Knowledge of Web Frameworks & Object Relational Mappers (ORMs)
Functional programming & systems design
Building strong APIs
Good Understanding of Asynchronous Architecture
Error handling and exception recovery
Knowledge of testing frameworks (e.g. Jest, Jasmine, Mocha)
Managing databases and ORMs from Node.js (e.g. MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL)

No braindead code challenges just real-world tasks for real-world engineers. That's why we at Finn love CodeSubmit.

Andreas Stryz
Andreas Stryz
Andreas Stryz