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How to Test Data Engineers on CodeSubmit

Are you looking to hire data engineers? Data has been called "the new oil," and data engineers are more in-demand than ever before. But to identify the best candidates, you need to assess data engineers. With CodeSubmit, you can set up a data engineer test that helps you select the right candidates based on their real-world skills.

CodeSubmit supports 60+ languages and frameworks, including those that are essential for data engineers. You can test languages such as Java, Scala, Python, C, Julia, and SQL.

Other languages and frameworks supported by CodeSubmit include:

How to Test Data Engineers on CodeSubmit

What to look for in a data engineer

Data engineers are the architects of your data platforms. Some of their primary responsibilities include architecture design, development of data-related instruments/instances, data pipeline maintenance/testing, machine learning algorithm deployment, management of data and meta-data, providing data-access tools, and tracking pipeline stability.

Your candidates should have a strong understanding of data science concepts, data analysis, and business intelligence tools. They should also have data warehousing skills and be able to handle SQL, Amazon Redshift, and Oracle, to name a few.

Other skills include:

Git & Version Control
CI/CD - Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
Data Structures & Algorithms
Testing & Debugging
TDD- Test Driven Development
Design Patterns
OOP - Object Oriented Programming
Database Design
Data Modeling
Security & Encryption
API Design
Cloud Computing
Performance Optimization
Monitoring & Logging

We've found with CodeSubmit, the process isn't just simple for candidates, it's also giving our hiring managers a better idea of potential job performance.

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