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How to Test Ruby on Rails Developers on CodeSubmit

Need to test Ruby on Rails developers? CodeSubmit offers Ruby on Rails online tests that help you measure candidates’ skills with real-world tasks. Our Ruby interview coding exercises are the perfect tool to use in your interviews to identify the right fit for your technical team.

Here’s why users enjoy using CodeSubmit:

“The whole assessment process and hiring experience are just so much better for our hiring managers and candidates."

We support 60+ languages and frameworks, including Ruby on Rails. You can also try our screening bytes or CodePair, our pair programming tool.

Other languages and frameworks that CodeSubmit supports include:

How to Test Ruby on Rails Developers on CodeSubmit

Ruby on Rails developer skills

Why should you use Ruby on Rails interview exercises in your interviews? Ruby on Rails coding tests, like take-home coding challenges, help you choose developers based on their skills, rather than arbitrary or subjective hiring criteria.

What skills should a Ruby on Rails developer have?

Common skills for advanced developers include designing, building, and maintaining reliable, reusable, and efficient code. They should also be familiar with data storage solutions and be able to identify and fix bottlenecks and bugs.

You’ll likely want to work with a developer who has good communication skills so that they can communicate with non-technical team members.

They should have experience with Ruby on Rails. Depending on what you’re hiring for, you might want a developer with a solid understanding of front-end technologies, including CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.

You can test all these skills and more with CodeSubmit, including the following skills:

Git & Version Control
CI/CD - Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
Data Structures & Algorithms
Testing & Debugging
TDD- Test Driven Development
Design Patterns
OOP - Object Oriented Programming
Database Design
Data Modeling
Security & Encryption
API Design
Cloud Computing
Performance Optimization
Monitoring & Logging

We've found with CodeSubmit, the process isn't just simple for candidates, it's also giving our hiring managers a better idea of potential job performance.

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