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How to Test UX Developers on CodeSubmit

Looking for your next UX developer? With CodeSubmit, you can create a UX developer test that reveals candidates’ real-world skills. After all, UX developers need to have a hybrid set of skills and you need to be able to assess them to understand who the best hire is.

CodeSubmit makes it easy to hire UX developers. Simply set up a UX developer test and ask candidates to complete a simple take-home coding challenge. We also offer other coding assessment tests, such as screenings and pair programming.

CodeSubmit supports 60+ languages and frameworks, including:

How to Test UX Developers on CodeSubmit

What to look for in a UX developer

A UX developer needs to have both developer and designer skills. Your ideal candidate knows what users want and can code an interface that matches that. They can find solutions to merging design and technology together and understand information architecture, usability, and findability.

Some of the languages and technical skills UX developers should master include JavaScript and, depending on your CMS, WordPress. A full-stack UX developer is especially valuable for your team.

These are just some of the skills you can test on CodeSubmit:

Git & Version Control
CI/CD - Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
Data Structures & Algorithms
Testing & Debugging
TDD- Test Driven Development
Design Patterns
OOP - Object Oriented Programming
Database Design
Data Modeling
Security & Encryption
API Design
Cloud Computing
Performance Optimization
Monitoring & Logging

I like how the library challenges are structured around on-the-job skills. The experience for candidates is excellent. They work locally with the IDE and tools they are most comfortable with.

Kevin Sahin
Kevin Sahin
Co-Founder @ ScrapingBee
Kevin Sahin