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How to Test Django Developers on CodeSubmit

Need to test Django developers? You’re in the right place. Django developer assessments are an efficient way to identify the right developers for your team. And CodeSubmit Django test questions simulate real-world coding assignments and help you choose the best fit based on their skills.

With CodeSubmit, you can test 60+ languages and frameworks, including Django and Python. Try a demo assignment here. Choose between take-home coding challenges, screening bytes, and pair programming.

Other languages and frameworks include:

How to Test Django Developers on CodeSubmit

Django developer skills

What skills should a Django developer have? Django is written in Python, so experience of using Python is a must, as well as object-oriented programming (OOP) principles. Django developers should have a great understanding of Django, object-relational mapper (ORM), multi-process architecture, RESTful APIs, and Python applications.

Other must-have skills are the ability to write clean and reusable code. And developers who communicate well are a valuable asset to your team.

With a Django coding test, you quickly assess real-world skills. Our Django test assessment questions are created to offer accurate testing for your entire team.

Other skills include:

Git & Version Control
CI/CD - Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
Data Structures & Algorithms
Testing & Debugging
TDD- Test Driven Development
Design Patterns
OOP - Object Oriented Programming
Database Design
Data Modeling
Security & Encryption
API Design
Cloud Computing
Performance Optimization
Monitoring & Logging

We've found with CodeSubmit, the process isn't just simple for candidates, it's also giving our hiring managers a better idea of potential job performance.

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